Envoy Duo, a 100% polyethylene product, is the ideal combination of an acoustic underlay with an integrated water vapour barrier. Envoy Duo offers you excellent acoustic insulation and an integrated high quality film, available with our without overhang and adhesive tape, Envoy Duo assures an efficient high water vapour barrier over time. Envoy Duo is perfectly suited for all laminate and wooden floor types whey they are being laid in a floating manner.


Easy and fast to install, Envoy Duo offers excellent puncture and tear resistance. Simply roll out the underlay across the floor. The joints should be butted tightly together and joints should be sealed with an adhesive tape. For a fast and easy installation Envoy Duo is also available with an integrated tape on the overhang or on the roll.










  • Excellent impact sound reduction
  • Drum sound improvement
  • Light, strong and flexible
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • 100% LDPE product, fully recyclable
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Smooths irregular surface

Technical specs

recyclable 100% recyclable Duo - non cross-linked polyethylene
impactsoundreduction Impact sound reduction ΔLW 19Db
watervapourbarrier Water vapour barrier 96 m
thickness Thickness & comfortabiliy 2 - 5 mm
thermalresistance Thermal resistance 0,057 m2 K/W
compressivestrength Compressive strength 6 kPa