Envoy Ultra is a cross-linked closed cell polyethylene foam underlay, especially designed and developed for use under all laminate and solid wooden floors. It combines thermal and sound insulation with damp proof performance. Envoy Ultra has excellent drum sound and impact sound properties. Its outstanding compressive creep performance makes it suitable for use in residential homes. Envoy Ultra 3 mm thickness is particularly suitable where a relatively rough structural floor needs to be levelled out.











  • Excellent impact sound reduction
  • Drum sound improvement
  • Light, strong and flexible
  • Physically cross-linked polyolefin foam
  • Suitable for underfloor heating systems
  • Withstand high weight surface loads

Technical specs

    Ultra cross-linked
Impact sound reduction ΔLW 20 dB
Water vapour barrier 21 m
Thickness & comfortabiliy 3 mm
Thermal resistance 0,088 m2 K/W
Compressive strength 28 kPa