We at Envoy specialise in underlay.


We are dedicated to bringing you products you can rely on to take away the negative aspects of solid flooring. Be it for the professional or the enthusiastic amateur, we make it our goal to serve you with a wide range of products. Envoy offers a wide range of underlay products to serve all demands:

different types of foam  -  price categories  & underlay performance levels


We continually strive for more ease in working with our products and making underlay ever more comfortable to apply. We do so by laminating different materials as to combine characteristics and avoiding double work. We add self adhesive layers, allowing amateurs to increase their level of performance and for the professionals to significantly reduce the time needed for installing underlay.


Last but not least:

it isn’t easy for the individual customer to evaluate the quality of underlay. Less scrupulous producers are well aware of that and promise material properties that exceed real live achievements.

We at Envoy are dedicated to first class underlay. To ensure you we fulfil this vow, whenever possible we closely collaborate with all the major testing laboratories in Europe, such as MPA in Germany, CEBTP in France and TNO in the Benelux. Test results are reflected in the values shown in our documentation and on the labels of our packaging. Official test results are available for all interested