Envoy Thermo is a closed cell, non cross linked perforated polyethylene foam ideally suited in combination with floor heating systems. The heating system must be a water-borne or self-limiting electrical heating system that provides an even heat over the whole area of the floor. Thanks to the smart perforations, Envoy Thermo creates not only a high sound reduction but also has an excellent thermal conductivity. There is no need for a damp proof membrane in combination with a loor heating system.










  • Excellent impact sound reduction
  • Drum sound improvement
  • Light, strong and flexible
  • Ideal for underfloor heating systems
  • 100% ldpe product, fully recyclable
  • Smooths irregular surface

Technical specs

recyclable 100% recyclable Thermo - non cross-linked
impactsoundreduction Impact sound reduction ΔLW20dB
watervapourbarrier Water vapour barrier -
thickness Thickness & comfortabiliy 3 mm
thermalresistance Thermal resistance 0,079 m2 K/W
compressivestrength Compressive strength 7 kPa