impactsoundreductionDrum sound reduction

Drum sound is defined as a perceived level of noise inside a room created by impact sources such as footsteps or dropped objects. The measuring method is still under international debate, trying to find the best testing method applicable. Impact sound reduction is measured in decibels according European standards and refers to sound reduction to the area below.



Water vapour barrier

Water vapour barrier is determined by measuring the amount of water vapour that has transmitted 1 m² of underlay after 24 hours. Water repellent materials typically present values of less than 0.5 g/m² per 24 h, which equals in SD value of 100 m.



Thickness & conformability

Thickness & conformability is measured in mm, a minimum of 2.5 mm is considered necessary for almost all applications.



Thermal resistance

Thermal resistance is important when underlay is used in combination with underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is possible as long as the thermal resistance of the complete flooring (underlay + laminate) does not exceed 0.15 m² K/W.



Compressive strength

Compressive strengths are measured in kilograms and it expresses the weight needed for a 0.5 mm deformation. The more weight needed to create such a deformation, the better the underlay is resistant to puncture loads.