Envoy has developed a complete range of acoustic underlays that meet the latest regulations and are certified by leading European acoustic laboratories.


Innovative products - manufactured from cross linked and non cross linked polyethylene or polypropylene foam, with or without integrated moisture barrier and adhesive tape - offer you the perfect solution to respond to the demands of a continuously evolving market. We have in house laminating facilities to combine all of these foams to different types of films or other materials to create personalized exclusive products for your specific needs.


Envoy offers you a wide range of personalized solutions like printed film, printed foam, personalized packaging, coloured foam, own leaflets… Only your imagination is the limit!


Compose your own personal underlay


from our humidity barring films and different kind of foams and select the right tape to lay each of them as a base for your laminate or parquet or


select our pre-laminated products


with all desired capabilities incorporated. These laminated Envoy specialities with their overlay flaps make applying underlay easier, more comfortable and time saving.


The full Envoy range


  • Envoy Basic: Polyethylene foam
  • Envoy Silver: Polyethylene foam with integrated silver damp proof membrane
  • Envoy Gold: Corrugated Polyethylene foam with integrated gold damp proof membrane
  • Envoy Thermo: Perforated Polyethylene foam
  • Envoy Duo: Polyethylene foam with integrated high quality polyethylene film
  • Envoy Comfort: Corrugated polyethylene foam with integrated high quality PE film
  • Envoy Pro: polypropylene foam with integrated silver damp proof membrane
  • Envoy Ultra: Polyethylene cross linked foam