Envoy Comfort is an innovative underlay used as acoustic insulation under floating laminate and parquet floors.  Envoy Comfort has been especially developed to reduce a maximum of transmission sound under all kinds of wooden floors and is therefore suited for all projects.  Envoy Comfort is a corrugated PE foam with an integrated high quality film, which guarantees you a damp proof membrane and excellent puncture and tear resistance. Envoy Comfort is a 100% polyethylene product, thus recyclable.



Simply roll out the underlay across the floor. The joints should be butted tightly together and joints should be sealed with an adhesivetape.  For a fast and easy installation Envoy Comfort is also available with an integrated tape on the overhang or on the roll.











  • Excellent impact sound reduction
  • Drum sound improvement
  • Light, strong and flexible
  • Suitable for all kinds of wooden floors
  • Ideal for apartments and new buildings
  • Corrugated PE foam results in extra
  • Sound insulation
  • 100% ldpe product, fully recyclable
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Smooths irregular surface

Technical specs

recyclable 100% recyclable Comfort - corrugated non crosslinked
impactsoundreduction Impact sound reduction ΔLW 21dB
watervapourbarrier Water vapour barrier -
thickness Thickness & comfortability 4 mm
thermalresistance Thermal resistance N/A
compressivestrength Compressive strength 5 kPa