Envoy Silver is a closed cell, non cross linked polyethylene foam with a silver metalised damp proof membrane. This film has excellent barrier properties that can be compared with a heavy duty LDPE film and thus avoiding humidity coming from the concrete.


To install Envoy Silver, simply roll out the underlay across the floor, place the next widthagainst the previous one (do not overlap), join the seams with adhesive tape. For a fast and easy installation Envoy silver is also available with an integrated tape onthe overhang or on the roll.










  • Excellent impact sound reduction
  • Light, strong and flexible
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Smooths irregular surface

Technical specs

    Silver - non cross-linked
impactsoundreduction Impact sound reduction ΔLW 19dB
watervapourbarrier Water vapour barrier 97 m
thickness Thickness & comfortabiliy 2 - 5 mm
thermalresistance Thermal resistance 0,10 m2 K/W
compressivestrength Compressive strength 6 kPa