When choosing your new flooring, specifically with parquet and laminate floorings, your second most important decision is the selection of the type of underlay you want to use. Often underestimated, underlay is the most important factor determining your comfort at home.


The multiple functions of underlay

  • reduces the sounds - common to this kind of solid flooring - for yourself and your neighbours
  • creates a barrier for moisture, always there to threaten your precious wooden or laminate floor
  • makes an even base to lay your flooring upon and thus prevents later costly problems with convexing surfaces and cracking


Underlay makes all the difference if you want to combine underfloor heating with the luxury of laminate or parquet. So it pays off to invest time and money in your underlay, if you want to preserve as best as possible your expensive laminate or parquet and, most important of all, to enjoy all the beauty of your new flooring in the comfortable silence you want for your home, your castle.